GOA: A Destination for All Seasons


Very few places in India can claim the title of being a holiday destination for the entire year. Goa is one of them. Goa is a place for anyone under the sun either seeking a relaxing getaway or an adventure that’s filled with excitement. There is something for everyone.

In the monsoon season, Goa – popularly known as India’s Sunny State – turns into a lush green, tropical paradise. One the other hand, the heavy discounts offered by airlines, travel agencies and hotels in Goa make the trip more memorable and pleasurable.

What can be more idyllic than having a cottage right next to a scenic river? The idle river of Olaulim Backyards in Pomburpa may just be the ideal setting for you. You would also find that most hotels in North Goa hand out special discounted packages that are designed around families.

Goa is dotted with elegant, Indo-Portuguese styled homes that date back to hundreds of years. The homes are painstakingly maintained and looked after. These luxurious abodes offer an amazing experience when you visit them. Or you can soak in the experience for a few days if you rather decide to make a stay there.

Although there are plenty of Indian fine dining restaurants in Goa, a Goan travel experience would be incomplete without you relishing any of the authentic local delicacies. And then, there are these amazing, artisanal bakers who call Goa their home. The cakes they bake not only look like works of art, they taste heavenly, too!

Like I said earlier, no thrill-seeker goes back home disappointed from Goa, especially in the monsoonal period of July-September when the Mandovi River in Goa is opened for white water rafting. The thrills it provides are quite similar to the experience one can get at the white water rivers situated at the foothills of the Himalaya. A run across the 10 kilometer long course of the river is enough to induce a high octane adrenaline rush, unlike any.

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