Visiting Goa in winter is like a treat for the soul


Reaching Goa with the sweet melody of jingle bell was like reaching another world. Fun filled and sun kissed Goa was as mesmerizing as a new lover. But there were another lacs of people who were as amazed as me, thus accommodation became a huge problematic. I had a booking in a reputed resort, thus my stay was quite comfortable. So, if you are planning for a visit to Goa that to at peak season like winter, be sure you have done your booking to any of the hotels in Goa, else your trip will not remain pleasant.

There are different types of accommodation are available soothing every pocket. Some of these resorts provide sightseeing along with fooding and lodging with an extra charge.  So if you are willing for a conducted tour you can opt for this facility.

If you choose homely atmosphere over luxury of a hotel, you can go for local residences. Many residents of Goa make their house a comfortable inn. You can get pure Goan touch from these kinds of accommodation. If you are planning to visit Goa this winter, make sure you have booked your nest. www.tangerineresorts.comis the website where you can look for the best luxury resort.

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